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Former general Atif Dudakovic indicted for war crimes against Serbs


Bosnia’s Prosecution has filed indictments against Atif Dudakovic, the former general in the Army of Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina (RBiH), and 16 other members of the 5th Corps of the RBiH Army.

“The Special Prosecutor for war crimes has filed indictments against Atif Dudakovic and 16 other members of the 5th Corps of RBiH Army charged with crimes against humanity committed in municipalities of Bosanski Petrovac, Kljuc, Bosanska Krupa, Sanski Most and war crimes against civilians in municipalities of Bihac and Cazin,” the Prosecution said.

The said group are indicted with crimes against humanity and murders of over 300 persons, the persecution and abuse of civilians and prisoners of war, as well as the destruction of 38 Orthodox temples. Among the 300 victims were mostly Serb civilians and soldiers who surrendered or were captured during combat.

The accused are Atif Dudakovic, Ekrem Dedic, Sanel Sabic, Ibrahim Siljedic AKA Siljo, Safet Salihagic, Adis Zjakic, Hasan Ruznic, Redzep Zlojic, Samir Solakovic, Fatmir Muratovic, Muharem Alesevic, Husein Balagic, Ale Hodzic AKA Pumparica, Edin Domazet, Ejub Kozenjic AKA Ejko and Sesirdzija, Ibrahim Nadarevic and Said Mujic. 

Atif Dudakovic is a former RBiH Army general. During the Bosnian War (1992-1995), Dudakovic was in command of the Bihac enclave in the north-west of the country, which was surrounded and besieged from 1992 to 1995 by the Army of the Republika Srpska, the Army of the Republic of Serbian Krajina and Bosniak dissenters led by the Bosniak politician Fikret Abdi. During that time, Dudakovic commanded the 5th Corps.

After the war, he became the general commander of the Army of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity, one of two semi-autonomous entities in Bosnia. The other entity is the Republika Srpska (RS).

Head of the War Veterans Organisation of Republika Srpska /BORS/, Milomir Savcic, expects the Court of BiH to confirm an indictment against Atif Dudakovic and another 16 commanders and members of the Fifth Corps of the so-called BiH Army for crimes committed against Serbs, and sentenced them to maximum jail time.
“Dudakovic and other indictees are charged with several crimes, including crimes against humanity, and this should be a guarantee of long imprisonment,” Savcic told SRNA. 

Savcic has pointed out that the BORS welcomes the decision of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office to issue indictment and to finally move from the “deadlock” concerning the case that was the easiest one to provide evidence for, and was absolute priority from the standpoint of the amount of crimes committed and should have been processed long ago. 

He believes that the system institutions in Srpska, the veterans’ organisations and associations, through public pressure, must not allow the process against Atif Dudakovic to pass unnoticed, and as in most cases, to end with minimum imprisonment or acquittal. 

“I believe this is the beginning of one different policy of BiH judiciary in a professional sense, a fair attitude towards all persons suspected of committing crimes. This is the beginning of satisfaction for the Serb victims, the beginning of justice’s satisfaction, the final truth determination,” Savcic has concluded. 

Source: N1/SRNA



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