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Former KFOR Officer: I will see to it that Norway withdraws the recognition of Kosovo


I will fight for Norway to annul the recognition of so-called Kosovo, a Norwegian Christian Cash, former KFOR Officer claims.

“My aim is to try to persuade Norway to withdraw the recognition of so-called Kosovo. I talked to many about that, and as a member of the Democracy party, I tried to enter the Parliament two years ago. Had I succeeded, I would have suggested to the Government to annul the recognition”, Cash says for “Politika” daily.

Christian Cash was a former KFOR spokesperson and he witnessed the terrorist attack on the “Nis Express” bus, when 12 Serbs were killed, back in 2001.

He claims that he feels responsible for the air raids on Serbia, particularly for the fact that KFOR hadn’t provided safety for the minorities on Kosovo and Metohija during and after the conflicts led in the province.

“I hope that based on these facts, I would be able to press charges against the then Prime Minister of the Norwegian Government Bondevik, who calls himself a believer (being Lutheran minister), but he proved to be a mere warmonger. Under the guise of humanitarian intervention, he had carried out aggression against Serbia. I believe that it is possible to sue all the states that took part in NATO agression”, Cash says.

He stated that there were evidence that Florim Eyupi was responsible for blowing up the “Nis Express” bus in February 2001, but that the evidence was destroyed.

“The chief investigator Joe McAllister was furious with KFOR because the hole in the road caused by the explosion which hit the bus was covered by asphalt. The excuse was that the traffic should be normalized. McAllister wanted to arrest Eyupi, but he was with the CIA”, former KFOR officer claims.

When asked by “Politika” how Eyupi managed to escape from the US camp Bondsteel, where he was imprisoned, Cash replied: “If you had ever been there, you’d know that it is impossible to escape. Simply, Eyupi worked for the CIA and he was released”.


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