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Former Senator of the Republic of Srpska Duško Jakšić Has Died


Former Senator of the Republic of Srpska and longtime director of the Banja Luka Economic Institute Duđko Jakšić passed away yesterday in Banja Luka at the age of 84.

A commemorative session will be held tomorrow at 11.00 in the Small Hall at Banski Dvor, and a funeral at 14.00 in Barakovac Cemetery, Čelinac Municipality.

Duško Jakšić was born in 1936 in Čelinac. He finished high school in 1955 in Banja Luka, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1961 in Belgrade, received his master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb in 1979 and his doctorate from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in 1985 in Belgrade.

After completing his studies, Jakšić returned to his hometown and started his career at the ” Rudi Čajavec” factory, where he went through all stages of the production process and management, from the constructor through the director of the Institute to the technical director of this company.

Jakšić made a major contribution to the development of new products, the acquisition of new technologies and the opening of new factories and, in particular, the launch of this company on the international market.

Through professional and scientific work as well as personal involvement, Jakšić did a great deal to objectify the position of the Serb people in BiH and remove the widespread sanctions of international factors and represented the Republic of Srpska in numerous international forums.

In his professional career, Jakšić also achieved a very prominent role in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska and in particular with the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska, participating in almost all scientific conferences organized by the Academy.

Jakšić completed his half-century of work in 2013 as an advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska.

He was a member of the Senate of the Republic of Srpska in two convocations, published four books “Electrical Equipment of Motor Vehicles”, Technical Book, Belgrade in 1974, “Republic of Srpska – Space, Population, Resources”, National University Library “Petar Kočić”, Banja Luka 1995. 1997, “Post – Dayton Reality and Perspective”, Atlantic BB Banja Luka, “Brčko – Scissors Over the Umbrella”, Institute for Geopolitical Studies, Belgrade, 1997.

Jakšić has been the recipient of many awards, one of them being the Charter of the 800 Years of the Hilandar Monastery and the founder of the Church of St. Petka in his native Barakovac.




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