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“Forum Theater” from East Sarajevo celebrates Human Rights Day


“Forum Theater” from East Sarajevo celebrated Human Rights Day today at the East New Sarajevo Cultural Center by organizing a music concert and campaign “Stop the Rain of Violence”.

“In this way, we want to draw attention to the importance of raising the awareness of the public and of each individual, that it is necessary to stand in the way of violence and find mechanisms for prevention, and to remind that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” said Director of Forum Theater Vitomir Mitric.

Members of “Be a Men’s Club and Be a Woman of the Alliance” from East Sarajevo distributed umbrellas with a message “Stop the Rain of Violence” as part of the campaign.

A member of this club, Borisa Knezevic, told reporters that the aim of this action is to appeal daily to others to take into account the dangers that young people lurk in the field of peer violence.

According to him, during the campaign the youth of East Sarajevo discussed issues of gender and gender, violence in intimate relationships, labeling, alcoholism and psychoactive substances.

Forum Theater was celebrated in cooperation with the Ix Ypsilon Association as part of the Youth Initiative project, which is financially supported by the Government of Switzerland and the OAK Foundation, with technical support from Ker International in BiH.

Youth education is the beginning of the cycle of combating violence because through peer education, awareness of violence is changing in the first place, which is of particular importance for new generations to grow up.




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