Home Entertainment “Fourteen” receives a round of applause in Brcko

“Fourteen” receives a round of applause in Brcko


The ensemble of the National Theater of Republika Srpska displayed its extensive talent during its performance of the play „Fourteen“ at the 30th Theater Meeting of BH, held in Brcko.

The play, a lush river of historical material about the mysterious figure Gavrilo Princip, was directed by Ana Djordjevic.

Judging by the audiences positive response, the cast succeeded in performing to the highest quality and the play was an all-round hit among the Brcko theater appreciators.

The selector of this years manifestation Vlado Kerosevic, stated that this particular play was chosen as it fits the propositions of this years festival. He added that Djordjevic was very successful in including a large number of historical facts in the dialogue.

This play was based on the comprehensive book detailing the assassination which took place in Sarajevo, titled „Sarajevo 1914“ and written by Vladimir Dedijer.


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