French Senator: Celebration of the Republic of Srpska Day Is Proof of Patriotism and Great Love!


    French Senator Sebastian Moran said that the celebration of the 9th January – the Republic of Srpska Day was proof of patriotism and great love for its people and the state, and that the celebration only proved the existence of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    “I have not seen the negative sides of the celebration. It’s just one people celebrating their existence and their holiday. I didn’t see any sign of aggression or hear any bad words against the other two nations, and I don’t understand why yesterday’s celebration would be a threat to them”, said Moran at a press conference in Banja Luka.

    He pointed out that he saw a lot of people, women, children, athletes, students and lot of joy in the streets of Banja Luka yesterday.

    “I don’t understand why it would bother anyone”, Moran said.

    He stressed that the return of jihadists, not only to B&H, but to other European countries as well, is a major problem.

    “The return should be forbidden for people who fought against European values ​​and culture. It is absurd that money has been given to Turkey and B&H to deal with migrants, including a large number of jihadists”, said  Moran, recalling the terrorist attacks in France.

    He noted that Europe cannot defend its borders and control the situation, which puts many Christian nations, including Serbs, at risk.

    Moran said that Europe was in a major crisis and that the UK’s exit from the EU created new problems.

    “Because of this, French President Emmanuel Macron thinks that some things should be settled inside the EU and then allow the entry of the Western Balkan countries, because we know how many problems there are here. The problems would be multiplied if the Western Balkan countries entered the current crisis in the EU”, said Moran.

    Speaking about the situation in Kosovo, Moran said that during his visit, he saw Serbs living in enclaves and the problems they have been facing since 2004, whilst the people in the West know nothing about it.

    He pointed out that this was an opportunity to convey a realistic picture of the events there, which, he said, would be brought before the Government of France.

    Commenting on the controversial Law on Religious Communities in Montenegro, which affected the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church in that country, Moran said he was not in Montenegro and did not know enough about the situation, but that Orthodox churches in that country are part of the soul of the Serbian people and its history.

    Paul Antoine of the Solidarity Organisation, dealing with the Kosmet issue in France, thanked the Serbian people and the Republic of Srpska’s Government for the warm welcome of the French delegation, as well as to the Serbs in Kosmet whom they also visited.

    A delegation of French parliamentarians, led by Senator Sebastian Moran, met with the Serb member of Presidency Milorad Dodik at the Government Centre of the Republic of Srpska, yesterday.

    Source: SRNA


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