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From Airport to Jahorina Mountain by Gondolas soon?


The construction of cabin gondolas, which are an adequate and attractive solution for transporting skiers, as well as guests and tourists, is a strategically important project, said the director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic.

Speaking about the planned construction of a gondola that will connect Jahorina Mountain to East Sarajevo, Ljevnaic said it was a unique project.

“We are making unique projects, the first in this part of Europe, so we came up with the idea to connect the nearest town with the longest gondola in the Balkans and to enable residents and tourists to be transported to Jahorina in the fastest, easiest and safest way in winter and summer,” Ljevanic emphasized.

According to him, the preparation, provision of property and documentation is underway, and construction will begin after the completion of these activities, the provision of funds and the implementation of public procurement.

“The realization of this project will enable the transfer from the airport to Jahorina, as the departure station is planned in the immediate vicinity of Sarajevo International Airport,” said Ljevnaic.

He added that the benefits of the project are great and are reflected in easier access to Jahorina Mountain at all times, both for tourists and for people living in the area. The gondola, in addition to being a unique tourist attraction, will contribute to reducing pollution and reducing car use, as well as the safety of all users.


Source: sarajevotimes


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