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From April Banja Luka and Gradiška Will Issue Electronic Building Permits


An Integrated System for Licensing in Construction in the Republic of Srpska, organized by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska, was presented in Banja Luka.

Banja Luka and Gradiška have passed the test phase, and from April they will begin issuing an electronic building permit. The Life Improvement Business and Competitiveness Project also included public administration reform in BiH, with the British Embassy donating $ 7.7 million to the entire BiH, reforming 21 local communities in BiH.

Thanks to this project, 57 million investments have been attracted and 329 new jobs have been created in BiH, and the issuance of an electronic building permit should attract new investments.

Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska Srebrenka Golić pointed out that the test phases of the Gradiška project began on January 8, and Banja Luka on January 17.

– Our goal is to make it easier for foreign and domestic investors, as well as citizens, for the various technical documentation required in the construction sector. The issuance of electronic construction is conditioned by electronic signatures, and the Ministry of Science and Technology Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Republic of Srpska has already prepared by-laws for the adoption of electronic signatures. This means that an investor from anywhere in the world can apply for a building permit. For starters, we will have an example of a paper form, but over time everything will go into electronic form – she stated.

She emphasized that problems in the implementation of this project could occur until the land registers were fully digitized, and the Republic Geodetic Authority was already implementing the project funded by the Swedish Embassy.

The First Secretary of the British Embassy Alfred Le Prevost expressed his satisfaction that he could support this project which contributes to the improvement of the business environment, which will enable new investments and jobs.

Banja Luka Mayor Igor Radojičić said that Banja Luka has been successfully implementing one-stop licenses for two years.

– Citizens mostly use these services, while about 50 percent of investors are still alone and go directly to certain institutions for licenses. About 1,100 permits are issued annually for large residential and commercial properties only, which is a huge deal. This project will also be full of challenges, but Banja Luka has passed the testing phase and we expect that in four months the system of issuing electronic building permits will be completely overhauled – he added.

The Mayor of Gradiška Zoran Adžić said that this project will enable the further development of the city and help in attracting new investments.




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