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“Frontal Blog Challenge” completed


#FrontalBlogChallenge project was officially completed yesterday in Sarajevo, with the award ceremony to the most successful participants.

Internet portal Frontal with partners, organized special training and program for future bloggers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

During the two multi-day workshops that were held on National park Kozara and Olympic mountain Jahorina, they heard the lectures from high quality experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from the rest of the region. Some of them are the most recognized bloggers as Hana Kazazović, Marko Rakar, Srđan Puhalo, Slobodan Vasković and Irina Milošević. Leading lecturer and mentor at this project was Dragan Varagić – blogger and leading regional expert in the world of internet strategy and consultations.
By the judgement of blog attendance and reading, interaction with other participants, number of the articles and attendance at the both multi-day workshops, the winner of the prize is Denis Čarkadžić.

“I would like to thank to the people behind the #FrontalBlogChallenge project, for a chance to actively participate, to expand my knowledge, and finally to be able to say my opinions and share what I consider that should be shared with public, without any restriction from the Frontal redaction in the public space. It is very important for me to highlight the importance of this project, as it proved that people from around Bosnia and Herzegovina, when they meet in normal environment and atmosphere without hatred, not only can work as one big and strong team, but can also find some peace and rest in this work, from everyday bombing with claims and “evidence” that something like that is not possible. Versus professional work of the team behind the project, I think that this is its great value and should be a guideline to us”.

Second place at the #FrontalBlogChallenge goes to Marija Herceg from Ljubuško, and the third one for Dušica Stevanović from Banjaluka.

Frontal Blog Challenge was supported by Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Articles from all participants at #FrontalBlogChallenge are available at Frontal portal, at the category: Samo frontalno-Frontal Blog Challenge.






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