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“Frontal Blog Challenge” – the first specialized training for bloggers


Portal frontal.ba in cooperation with partners has started with new project in Bosnia and Herzegovina – first educational training school for bloggers.

 The aim of this project is gathering  socially active individuals, public figures, NGO activists and representatives of local online media. During the two modules, participants were able to learn about basics of blog and blogging from top experts in the field od internet consulting and digital marketing and have learned how, on most effective way they can transfer their work on to social networks and media.

Mentor of the project was Dragan Varagic but also, there were other succesfull bloggers from Bosnia and Herzegovina such as Srdjan Puhalo, Slobodan Vaskovic and Hana Kazazovic from who participants could learn a lot by talking and discusing about different topics.

The participants  expressed their  satisfaction and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such an importa project.

One of them, Azra Husarić, a young  journalist and communicology student and NGO activist said that the “Frontal blog challenge” and what she have learned during the lecture helped her to write more clearly and more specifically about topics that are part of the sphere of her interest, and that she believes it this was a great opportunity for learning and improving: “The Frontal Blog Challenge is one of the best examples of a good project for bloggers / journalists working in online media. The opportunity to write texts, without a biased editorial policy, is very important, especially for beginners in this business“ added Husarić.

“Frontal Blog Challange has not only taught me how to have a different approach to creating and using blog as a channel of communication, promotion and expression, but also to look at everyday events on a different way. For a large number of participants this was an exeptional opportunity to use their writing skills more actively and learn how to proceed it to others. Frontal Blog Challange gathered different participants with variety of experiences and I am sure that it will be a lot of great and quality bloggers who will enrich the blogging scene in Bosnia and Herzegovin but also to change and influence certain mind set with their own attiuteds“ – Amela Sacic, PR and representative of Institute for Youth Development  KULT.

During the two moduls and seminares, their experiences with the participants also shared Dragan Mocevic, Marko Rakar and Irina Milosevic who pointed out that blogs can influence the public and that the expansion of blogging and this way of writing is yet to come in the next period when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Frontal Portal is a pioneer among the social media that has provided and will continue to provide online space and support for bloggers in Bosnia and Herzegovina to write and express their attitude without rigid restrictive politics.






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