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Frontal Blog Challenge: The success of the blog and the creation of quality content


Today, when Internet domination is growing, one of the most interesting and profitable jobs is blogging. Very important segment of the blog’s success is reflected in the quality of published articles.

On the three-day Frontal Blog Challenge training course, held on Kozara, participants had opportunity to get acquainted with the notion of blogging and its basic characteristics, the strategy of creating quality content as useful, the simplicity of expression, the way to impose the topic on which they want to write, promote, organize and increase visibility of their content.

Lecturer and mentor of the project Dragan Varagic, one of the most influential bloggers in Serbia and an internet consultant, believes that the Frontal Blog Challenge is very useful project and hopes that the participants will proceed working and using knowledge from these lectures.

“It usually happens that a very small percentage of those who take in place of these kind of training courses take something useful from the lectures and apply it later. What I like about this project is the way people are selected and on the basis of what we have done I think that a large percentage of those who are defamatory of what they have had the opportunity to hear help start to become more serious using the Internet either to launch a blog or to activate they projects through any communication channel” said Varagic.

Varagic thinks that changing the way of looking at things is very important and that people must know how to separate what they think objectively from what is actually objective.

“A very large number of people live in a wheelchair and some important step forward is to start thinking differently. What does it mean? It means new and fresh start and to think from another, third angle. They have to start asking themselves the right questions, why I do this, why I’m not doing this in a different way, what could I do differently and make me better in life…” Varagic stressed.

On the last day of the seminar, the famous BiH blogges, Slobodan Vaskovic and Srdjan Puhalo, as well as guest from Croatia, Marko Rakar, joined the participants and they shared their experiences.

“I’ve learned a lot of things when it comes, not only writing as such, but also distributing it, applying and and ways in which you can improve your knowledge and opportunities and fulfill the goals you set yourself. In addition, it is my opinion that another purpose of this type of education is to help the participants to choose the right path. And as far as I’m concerned, I returned home differently in the most positive sense.” Denis Cakardzic, participant.

Great atmosphere and socializing, but also new experience and knowledge.” Amela Sacic, participant.

“A very inspiring experience with a lot of useful knowledge and new ideas for work. Frontal Blog Challenge really offered more than expected, so I believe that the new gathering will offer even more. With union of youth and experience, Frontal Blog Challenge once again showed what a winning combination is.” added Sacic.







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