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Funds Approved for the Bratunac – Ljubovija Border Crossing


At today’s session in Sarajevo, the Council of Ministers decided to approve the total amount of funds for the construction of the Bratunac-Ljubovija border crossing in the amount of 14.5 million KM, said the Council Chairman, Zoran Tegeltija.

Tegeltija pointed out that in this way, the conditions were created for the Indirect Taxation Authority / ITA / to conclude a contract for the construction of this crossing on the basis of a tender that had been carried out earlier.

A decision on provisional financing of B&H institutions for the first three months of next year was adopted, amounting to 241.5 million KM, until the 2020 budget adoption, said Tegeltija at a press conference, after the first session of the Council of Ministers in the new convocation.

”We have also made a decision to conclude a financing contract for the construction of Corridor 5C worth 140 million euros”, said Tegeltija, specifying that the agreement refers to the construction of the so-called middle part of the corridor Poprikuša-Nemila and Tarčin-Ivan.

He added that the agreement with the EBRD, which is being referred for the further proceedings to the B&H Presidency, will be signed by the Minister of Finance at the Council of Ministers, Vjekoslav Bevanda.

With regard to the Svilaj border crossing, the Council of Ministers tasked the ITA to start, within the approved funds, the construction of the Svilaj-Donji Svilaj border crossing.
”These are the funds which were previously provided from the budget, and the part of the funds is the grant provided by the EU and the EBRD”, said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, adding that in the next period, an additional seven million KM should be provided in order to complete this border crossing.

Tegeltija stated that the representatives of B&H at the international monetary institutions were appointed at today’s session.

The Governor of B&H, in this term of the Council of Ministers, will be Tegeltija, in the EBRD Bevanda, and in the World Bank, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bisera Turković, and Deputy Ministers of Finance in the Council of Ministers Hazim Raničić, respectively, Ministers of Finance of the Republic of Srpska Zora Vidović and the Federation of B&H Jelka Miličević.

Tegeltija added that the Council of Ministers has also appointed its Committee on Internal Policy, chaired by the Defense Minister Sifet Podžić, his deputy will be Minister of Justice, Josip Grubeša, and the Economy Committee, chaired by Bevanda, while his deputy will be Minister Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Staša Košarac.

”The other ministers, from that area, are in the committees as well”, said Tegeltija, noting that the Directorate for European Integration, the Legislative Office of the Council of Ministers and representatives of the Brčko District also participate in the work of both committees.




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