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Gajić Family: There Is Life in the Countryside, but Also in the Community


Five generations under the same roof, with a total of ten members – this is the Gajić family from the village of Međuvođe near Kozarska Dubica. From the oldest Danica, who is 89, to the two-month-old Mihajlo, everyone says they breathe as one. Their message is – there is life in the countryside, but also in the community.

Of the nine adult members of the Gajić family, none are employed. They live off agriculture and livestock. They are not complaining, but they work hard.

– There is a lot of work around the household, but we also find time for ourselves – Srećko Gajić points out.

The same interests and goals are the main link of this family. Modesty is their virtue, and unity is strength. All jobs on the property are not divided, they all work hard for the same goal.

– When you have one goal, that is, the same goal, and when you see the result of your work and effort, there is no such weight of work that can bother us – points out Dragana Gajić, daughter-in-law.

Mile Gajić, the oldest male member of the family, points out that they have enough to live as they really need.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship in this family is not unknown. The oldest member has as many as three daughter-in-law, while the same mother-in-law has the youngest daughter-in-law.

– I love them all equally , as if I had given birth to them. They learn everything from me because I was like that to my mother-in-law, too – says Danica Gajić, the oldest member of the family.

Harmony builds the house, and Mile Gajić is creditable for harmony in this one in Međuvođe, the other members say unanimously. What he needs for peace and unity in the house, but also happiness, he knows well.

– Patience, love and joy are paramount to us. I do not know if there is a family that is not looking forward to get together, and then you will not be looking forward to being together – emphasizes Gajić.

And they are completely together when their daughter and son-in-law come to visit, Mile says. Then a big table is asked for a place more, which in a complex family like this has never been a problem.




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