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Gendarmerie Demonstration Exercise Was Held (PHOTO)


At the Training Center of the Ministry of Interior (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Republika Srpska in Zalužani, near Banja Luka, the first group of 40 trainees for police officers of the Gendarmerie Unit were handed their certificates today.

On this occasion, members of the Gendarmerie conducted a demonstration exercise presenting the learned tactical and technical solutions for successfully coping with complex security situations.

Following the certificate and practice ceremony, Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukač said instructors at the Training Center are very pleased with the engagement of the people who received the certificates today.

Lukač pointed out that there are people here from all units of the Gendarmerie of Republika Srpska who will apply the learned techniques in their work.

He emphasized that the Ministry of Internal Affairs Republika Srpska will organize further training in the future, as the plan is to have Gendarmerie members from all units of Srpska pass them so that they can apply the acquired knowledge and carry out any interventions in cooperation with the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit.

Lukač said that such exercises would be constantly performed at the Training Center in Zalužani because that is its purpose.

“We started with the Gendarmerie members first, because they are the first ones on the bumper of Republika Srpska when there is an act of terrorism, and we all know that there were more in BiH and we don’t want to think that in the future, given their environment, they will not return. foreign warriors and the influx of migrants, including some who can commit serious crimes, ” Lukač said.




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