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German Doctor: Serbian Cyrillic Is the First Alphabet in the World


German ophthalmologist Dr. Werner Weber called Serbian Cyrillic “the world’s first alphabet”. He defended his doctoral dissertation in Leipzig in 1937 on the topic of “Alphabets of the World” when he established that the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet was a “holiday for the eyes”.

Cyrillic is, by the way, the Slavic alphabet created at the end of the ninth century in today’s Bulgaria. It was created in the image of the Greek constitutional letter. Signs were also taken from this letter, and for sounds that were not in the Greek language, graphemes were made in the image of Greek and Glagolitic letters.

According to him, this letter is the least tiring of all eyes, which is why it took the title of “the first alphabet of the world”.

The well-known Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw also considered Serbian Cyrillic to be the most perfect alphabet in the world. In his will, he left a sum of money of 367,233 pounds to an Englishman who managed to simplify the English alphabet on the model of Vuk’s Cyrillic alphabet (one letter – one vote).

To this day, there is no such reformer among the British who would receive the legacy of a great writer. By removing the semivowel and introducing the graphemes “Nj” and “Lj”, Vuk continued the reforms started by Sava Mrkalj.

He accepted the appearance of the letter “Đ” from Lukijan Mušicki, “Dž” he took from old Romanian manuscripts, and “Ć” from old Serbian manuscripts. The letter “J”, which he took from the Latin alphabet, was attributed to him as the “greatest sin” in church circles, where they said that the Serbian reformer was thus working to convert the Serbian people to Catholicism.

Vuk’s phonetic alphabet (name after the name of the letter: A – az, B – buki) with 30 graphemes was officially accepted in 1868.

As a simpler alphabet than the Glagolitic alphabet, which is older in origin, the Cyrillic alphabet suppressed it and settled in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, and Russia.




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