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Germans, Italians and Turkish immigrants want B&H dairy products


President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Republika Srpska, Vladimir Usorac, points out that B&H could permanently fix its economy with one move, namely by placing milk on the European market B&H would guarantee a higher income.

This would mean the export of hundreds of millions liters of milk, mass employment and production of other raw materials in agriculture, as well as an economic chain reaction, states Usorac.

He adds that in addition to Germans and Italians, Turkey is also interested in B&H dairy products.

The three to four million Turkish immigrants living in Germany buy milk and other food products of Turkish origin because they are traditionally extremely careful when choosing food. They would reduce that cost by importing milk from B&H for their needs, says Usorac.

If there was more willingness and responsibility on behalf of the relevant politicians this venture could be implemented and would insure B&H necessary capital.

Republika Srpska produces, on average, 110 million liters of milk annually, while the Federation of B&H produces 90 to 100 million. By opening the door to the European market everything would change for the better, says Usorac.


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