Home News Germany: Croatian Priest Fired for Denying Crimes in Jasenovac

Germany: Croatian Priest Fired for Denying Crimes in Jasenovac


The priest of the Croatian Catholic Mission in the German city of Göttingen, Vinko Puljić, who called on Facebook for donations to the Society for Research of the Triple Camp Jasenovac, and whose founders deny Ustasha crimes during the Independent State of Croatia, will have to leave his parish.

The Catholic Church in Germany is strongly anti-fascist and that is why Puljić will leave his parish at the beginning of 2021, writes Zagreb’s Jutarnji list.

According to the Jutarnji list, in order to avoid a public scandal, Puljić will leave the parish in Germany “voluntarily”.

The decision was made last week at a meeting between Puljić and the episcopal authorities, and there is written evidence of that.

By the way, Puljić became known to the public when in 2014 he criticized the German authorities for banning the performance of the Croatian singer Marko Perković Thompson, who glorifies the Ustasha movement in his songs.

The minutes from the meeting state, among other things, that Puljić made a serious mistake by calling on Facebook.

It is also stated that the priest who publicly distributes the invitation to collect donations to the Society thus denies the Jasenovac victims, and leaves the impression that he sympathizes with fascism, which, in the opinion of the diocese of Hildesheim, is absolutely not acceptable.

They point out that fascism is in no way compatible with the gospel.




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