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Germany to restrict immigration from the Balkans


Germany is planning to restrict immigration from the Balkan states under a draft government bill. Asylum applicants could find their request turned down within a week under the new law. Asylum seekers coming from countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, (FYR) Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia will find it increasingly difficult to be able to live legally in Germany, the interior ministry bill said.

Despite war in the Balkans ending in 1999, tens of thousands of people from the area still seek asylum in Germany. But under the bill Germany will mark these states as “safe countries of origin” meaning asylum requests can be rejected without a reason.

Last year the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees listed 22,495 asylum requests from people from Balkan states.

In January and February 2014 there were 6,112 requests – making up 27 percent of all first-time applications.

Source: TheLocal.de


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