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“Gipsy Kings” Tonight in Banja Luka


The French band “Gipsy Kings by Andre Reyes”, whose members are Spanish in origin and sing in Spanish, combining traditional flamenco, pop and similar forms in music, will perform tonight at the Borik Sports Hall. At this concert, which will start at 8 pm, the popular band arrives after a spectacular performance in front of the packed Hall of the Sava Center in Belgrade, and after a performance in Sarajevo.

– Belgrade, we are here to share the love with you, thank you very much for being with us – the band’s frontman Andre Reyes addressed the audience after a few songs and sang the world-famous hit “Un Amor”.

The ten-member band in Belgrade performed well-known songs, some dating back to the 1970s, from the beginning of their existence when the brothers Andre and Nicholas founded the band, and the audience enjoyed the rhythm of flamenco, pop and Catalan rumba.

They especially delighted the audience when they performed the beats of the song “Đurđevdan” of the legendary “White Button”.




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