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Give a chance to announced structured dialogue in Brussels


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that a chance to the announced structured dialogue on BiH judicial reform, which will soon start in Brussels, should be given and that he expects that the dialogue will definitively resolve all outstanding issues and achieve the objective of the referendum in Srpska.

“I expect that this dialogue will definitively settle all outstanding justice issues related to the competencies, abuse of authority and monopoly of the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office in order to demonopolize it in a way that each party exercises judicial functions in accordance with its judicial competences,” Dodik told SRNA.

Dodik said that the main reason for calling a referendum in Republika Srpska on the judiciary and decisions imposed by the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is in a joint statement, which he signed four years ago with the former EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, but that nothing has been either completed or defined so far.

“If the objectives listed in the joint statement are achieved, the reasons for calling a referendum could be qualified as realized. In this respect, the referendum has already achieved its objective,” said Dodik.

The Srpska president has expressed his expectations that the structured dialogue will define everything necessary for the judiciary reform in BiH in order to have comprehensive and high quality reform in accordance with the Constitution and competencies.

“I expect the structured dialogue to result in basic and definitive reform elements, which the institutions will be implementing efficiently in accordance with their responsibilities and competencies until the day of the referendum,” Dodik said.

He has stated that if the consolidation and finalization of the elements fail and the reasons for holding a referendum remain, its implementation will be urgently required in a stronger form.

“But I am convinced that it is possible to have all completed, therefore my support to the structured dialogue that is taking place in Brussels is to the maximum extent, likewise the expectation that the dialogue will definitely solve all the problems,” said Dodik.

He has reiterated that the referendum is not a threat to anyone, it is democratic expression of the will and a way of expressing the will of the people in all democratic societies and that threatening with a referendum represents undemocratic and uncivilised procedure.

Source: Srna


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