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Give greater powers to police, urgently deport all migrants from B&H


Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik says that the Police of Republika Srpska should be given even greater powers in order to be able to defend themselves from migrants and in that regard, it must be ready for rigorous operations.

Dodik says Srpska could have faced a tragic situation on Wednesday if any police officer ended up killed in Klašnice near Banjaluka during the search for a group of migrants, emphasizing Srpska must not let it happen.

He reminds that he has been repeating for years that migrants are a huge security threat.

“I remember that I said maybe five or six years ago that a significant number of migrants would move into BiH, but the then SDS and /Aleksandra/ Pandurević made jokes about it. I just don’t know where she is now and those who made jokes out of it and what would they be saying about that topic nowadays”, stated Dodik.

In any case, Dodik points out, Republika Srpska remains committed to the earlier established policy, i.e. migrants are not allowed to stay on its territory.

“All attempts from BiH, first of all, from Sarajevo, and even from the West, to distribute migrants evenly throughout BiH will fail. No centres will be set up in Republika Srpska, nor will migrants be allowed to stay. Srpska’s interest is to hermetically close the border for migrants and to urgently deport them from BiH,” Dodik said.


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