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Golic: Growth Of Export Of Industrial Products


The Republika Srpska Minister of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology, Srebrenka Golic, said that in the first two months of the year, Srpska recorded a growth of export of industrial products.
“The processing industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy of Republika Srpska, particularly when it comes to exports. There can be no a stable economic growth without a growth of processing industry,” Golic said at a panel discussion on “the Western Balkans and strategic commitment in the development of real sector – processing industry – a chance or weakness,” which was held as part of the 2016 Jahorina Economic Forum.

She said that the Republika Srpska Government’s 2016 Economic Programme contains measures for the recovery of the economy which stipulate work aimed at increasing exports.

“Measures aimed at reindustrialisation and increasing the scope of industrial production have also been undertaken,” Golic said.

She said that the Government adopted a set of laws in the area of fiscal policy and measures aimed at removing para-fiscal burdens.

“The Republika Srpska tax policy is the most stimulative in the region. Creating a business climate in agriculture and forestry should be in the service of development. Processors must have a certificate for export to the EU and we are creating institutions which will do this job,” Golic said.

The panel discussion raised the issue of a future and development of the real sector, with the aim of defining directives necessary to improve the processing industry in Republika Srpska.

Source: SRNA


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