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Good News for Users of Mobile Internet in Roaming


Bosnian operator m:tel has introduced a prepaid package called Dopuna:Start with mobile internet to be used when roaming in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the holiday period, reports Vesti.

Two starter packages are available, with a phone number, favourable rates for calls and SMS plus mobile internet (4 GB or 10 GB).

The 4 GB option costs BAM 4 and the internet bonus is valid for seven days, while the 10 GB option is valid for fifteen days.

m:tel is the second largest mobile phone operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a subsidiary of Telekom Srpske, telecommunications company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

m:tel offers both prepaid (DOPUNA) and postpaid services (PRETPLATA), as well as mobile internet over 3G network, VMS, multimedia messaging and others.

Also, there is BH Telecom, which was established during the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1992 and was the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide GSM, 3G, IPTV and many other services. It was a government-owned corporation whose sole proprietor was Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but since 2004 it is listed as a public company with most stock still owned by the government. Although stock owners have both governance as well as ownership rights, the effect of such controlled distribution of capital is that company is effectively still directed and managed by the government, but funds and small shareholders are enabled to earn money on dividends and stock trading.

The third one is Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d. Mostar (Croatian Telecommunication) company was created by separating Croatian Post and Telecommunication into Croatian Post (HP) and Croatian Telecommunication (HT).

Since January 1, 2003, Croatian Telecommunications d.o.o. Mostar (HT Mostar) has operated independently, and has become one of the three national operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on Company Reorganization on November 24, 2006. HT Mobilne d.o.o. they join HT in Mostar and thus become an integral part of the Public Company HT d.o.o. Mostar.

On April 1, 2009, the Assembly of the Company passed a decision on the re-registration of the Company from a limited liability company to a joint stock company. The re-registration was made on June 8, 2009, and the shares of the Company were listed on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange.


Source: sarajevotimes


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