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Google maps B&H companies


Google began mapping B&H a little less than a year ago and after it completed all other Balkan countries. The job is, of course, far from being completed. Bojan Vukovic, CEO of DVC Laktasi, one of the companies involved in the mapping project, said the team currently has 92 members.

The aim of the Google Map Maker community, founded by Sanjin Rakovic, is to gather mappers from all of B&H and to through team work build a better and more accurate service for information and navigation.

Furthermore, all businesses that want their company on Google Maps can contact the team via the Google Plus Network.

The 3D view of B&H cities will be on the agenda after the Google team has completed a three-dimensional recording of Serbia.

Otherwise the firm DVC has developed an interactive business map of B&H, www.bihmapa.com, which officially came into function on the 1st of December/January this year and represents a unique business navigator in B&H based on the platform of Google Maps. Unlike Google Maps, this map has a search option and contains useful service info.


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