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Goran Cerovina is the new vice president of Nelt Grupa, Sikimić is the new executive director


“Nelt Group has recently introduced a set of organizational changes aimed at strengthening the organization and successfully implementing the business strategy ‘Accelerate 2025.’

Goran Cerovina, the former CEO of Nelt doo, continues his career as the Executive Vice President of Nelt Group for the Adria markets (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, and Kosovo), while Suzana Sikimić will succeed him as the head of the company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Goran’s recognizable and inspirational leadership style, market knowledge, agility, and dedication have been essential for the company’s success in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He becomes a member of Nelt Group’s Executive Board, and his focus in the upcoming period will be on continuing the growth strategy, expanding best practices between the markets of Nelt Group in the Adria region, as well as further organizational development.

“I am taking on this new role with great enthusiasm. Our directors are already doing an outstanding job in all markets in the region, and my position is just a step towards further strengthening the synergy that we have always nurtured in Nelt Group,” Cerovina said.

During her 15 years at the company, Suzana has held various roles with increasing responsibilities within the finance sector. Her expertise, collaboration, knowledge of business and organization, as well as external recognition, highlight her as a great leader, with all the prerequisites to continue the further growth and success of the Bosnian organization.

“Goran has made a significant contribution to our company and left a significant legacy. I feel both responsibility and privilege to continue leading this organization, with exceptional people and outstanding results. Focused on operational excellence, we remain a reliable partner to our principals, customers, and clients,” Sikimić said.

Nelt emphasizes that this promotion is also an example of the company’s strategic approach to gender balance.”


Photo: Nelt Group

Source: nelt.com


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