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Goran Djokovic, representative of the Chinese investment fund, visited Jahorina


Jahorina is on a rising track and an increasing number of investors recognize Jahorina as a place for large investments in the future period. This was confirmed during today’s visit and tour of the initiated infrastructure projects by Goran Đoković, representative of the Chinese investment fund of the Olympic Center Jahorina. Djokovic is known to the general public as Novak Djokovi uncle.

Over the past 100 years, Jahorina had ups and downs but through investments that have taken place over the last ten years, it has turned into a destination that will grow into a leading tourist location, both in the winter and summer.

“The local communities and the Government of the Republic of Srpska recognized the potential and importance of Jahorina and joined with the goal of strengthening their positive image with their role. The fact is that this year the organizers of several attractive manifestations of regional character, such as the Winter Exit Festival in Jahorina, concerts and numerous sports events, FIS competitions and test races.
“ A special incentive for us is EYOF – Youth Olympic Games, 2019, where young people from all over the world will compete in slalom and giant slalom events, which will give us additional strength” said “Dejan Ljevnaic.

The position of Jahorina with its proximity of the city with more than half a million inhabitants, airport and highway, are attractive to all emitting markets, but also to investors. Gondola Pale – Jahorina, which is in the final phase to the interstate along with the potentials that Pale has with Trebević and Romanija are an additional guarantee of success.

Jahorina, in the narrow sense, currently provides almost 6,000 beds in hotels, apartments and weekend houses and the current modernization of vertical transport, arrangement and modernization of the entire ski resort make Jahorina quite attractive when it comes to investors. Realizing this year’s planned investments, Jahorina will return to the map of successful European ski destinations, and intends to regain confidence and safety in skiing on Jahorina.




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