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Goverment of Srpska understands importance of freedom of journalists


Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, congratulated on the occasion of the 3rd of May – International Media Freedom Day, and stated that the Government of Srpska understands the importance of freedom of the press in the development of the democracy and prosperity of a modern society, and that therefore is always on the side of fair, fair and impartial reporting public.

“Our obligation is to foster an open and transparent attitude towards all media, because this is in the interest of the public and all citizens of Republika Srpska, which also includes responsibility in media reporting, professional standards and journalistic codes,” said Cvijanovic in a congratulatory note.

She wished many journalists, editorial offices, editorial offices and journalist associations in Srpska a lot of success on a professional and personal level, better working conditions and status in the society.

The UN General Assembly declared in May 1993 the International Day for Freedom of the Media, May 3, indicating the importance of media independence and reminding governments that it is their duty to support freedom of expression.





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