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Government announces co-financing program for student projects


The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska has announced a competition for co-financing programs and projects of student organizations of high education institutions for 2018. The budget envisages 200,000 KM.

The Ministry says that programs and projects will be financed up to 80 percent of their total value, and that the deadline for filing applications is 30 days.

The competition was announced in the field of student organization, international cooperation, organization of international student meetings, inclusion in international student associations and participation in joint activities, as well as visits to international student meetings. The competition can also include professional programs, tribunes and lectures, scientific-professional works, projects and elaborates of interest for the system of high education. The competition is also intended for activities in the field of sports and culture, education, student media, and other projects that contribute to the improvement of student work and organization, student standards, advocacy and student rights.

– Students’ representative bodies according to the Law on student organization, students’ organizations registered with competent bodies and associations of student organizations are eligible to apply for the competition – stated in the announcement. Applications must include a description of the program or project, the users involved, the goals, the expected results, the success indicators, the program or project tradition, the start and end date, the place or venue of execution, and the financial cost plan.




Source: Srna


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