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Government goal to raise minimum wage to BAM500 soon


Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic stated Thursday in Modrica the Government intends to raise the minimum wage to BAM500 soon.
“It is our goal to make the minimum wage BAM500. I believe that we have acted as partners in the previous period and I don’t harbour any doubts that we will do that in the future and reach the goal very quickly,” Cvijanovic told the press in Modrica commenting on a Government’s Thursday decision to raise the minimum wage to BAM440 and pay it out from August 1 onwards.

She elaborated that the Government on Thursday defined the minimum wage the way it had been agreed with employers and unions.

Cvijanovic said she was pleased the Government had adopted a set of laws which were going to increase the salaries of all employees in Srpska by between 30 and 50 convertible marks, saying it was very important.

“It’s a unique example by which we opted for certain legal solutions in order to intervene towards all workers in both the public and private sector, which makes us unique,” said Cvijanovic.

According to her, it is important that the Government had also managed to reach an agreement with unions and employers regarding the amount of minimum wage.

“We have a few more interventions to work on together, but basically, the prerequisites are there – minimum wage is officially increased and the increase in salaries through a set of laws will be felt in the August pay,” said the prime minister.

At the proposal of the Economic and Social Council, the Government of Republika Srpska made a decision to amend the decision on minimum wage in 2018, which will now be BAM440 and paid out from August 1 onwards.

The decision is part of a series of measures taken by the Government to create a more favourable business environment and workers’ position by reducing fiscal burdens for the purpose of increasing salaries and protecting minimum wage, the Government press office said.




Source: srna


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