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Gradiska Border Crossing worth 25 Million BAM to be opened soon


The crowds in the center of Gradiska, with trucks with merchandise waiting for customs clearance, which are located on the city square, will probably be the last ones to wait.

By the end of May, a new customs terminal in Gradiska will be put into operation, and the construction costs 24 million BAM, was announced for Srpskainfo from the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH and the RS Ministry of Transport, without specifying the exact opening date.

It is expected that the opening will be between May 15 and 20.

The terminal is located at the end of the Banjaluka-Gradiska highway, and looks impressive. At the same place, there will be a border crossing with Croatia, but it will only be in place when the bridge is built over Sava River.

The opening of the terminal will reduce the crowds that are huge, because Gradiška is the only border crossing located in the northern part of BiH, which is intended for traffic of all kinds of goods, including animal and plant origin goods.

The new terminal and the border crossing looks impressive and organized so that in one place there is everything that is needed for truck drivers, passengers, customs officers, inspectors.

The complex has six incoming and seven outbound lines, facilities for customs, border police, passenger and cargo control, Customs Terminal with 120 truck seats and 100 passenger car seats, and a detailed vehicle inspection facility and a veterinary inspection office.

There will also be a restaurant, four public toilets and a huge parking lot at the terminal, Biznis Info reports.


Source: sarajevotimes


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