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Graffiti Depicting Surgeon Miodrag Lazić


A graffiti depicting war surgeon, Miodrag Lazić, who died in Niš of coronavirus infection was drawn in Bijeljina by young people from Bijeljina’s settlement of Bogdanović Plac, who in this way paid tribute to a war hero of Republika Srpska.

The image of a famous Serbian doctor was painted over a stencil on the power substation located in this settlement in the centre of Bijeljina, which was built 40 years ago.

Bogdanović Plac Youth is an informal group of 30 young men and girls who grew up in the settlement, who are supporters of the Red Star Football Club and are all involved in humanitarian work via “Serbs for Serbs” Organisation.

They are patriots who love their Republika Srpska, respect Serb history and its heroes, and for years back they celebrate Republika Srpska Day – January 9 by displaying torchlight from the roofs of buildings.

The young men who gave the statement to SRNA do not want to be named, as they say they live and act as a group, whose members are students, workers, the unemployed, doctors of electrical engineering and pharmacy, born between 1987 and 1999.

“Graffiti of Dr. Lazić is our message to future generations, to know and to remember who this great man is and what he did for the Serb people,” says Bogdanović Plac Youth.

Among them, there are children born at the Žica Hospital in wartime Srpsko Sarajevo, co-founded by Dr. Lazić, who performed 3,500 surgeries on the very frontline in 40 months at this hospital.

The Bijeljina youth state they have heard a lot about surgeon Lazić from the elderly, that they have read his book “The Diary of a War Surgeon” and that they admire him.

That is why surgeon Miodrag Lazić joined the team of Serb writers, musicians and actors whose murals are in Bijeljina.

A mural of the youngest Serb soldier, Spomenko Gostić, who was killed in the war, was painted in the Bogdanović Plac settlement, by their friend from Belgrade.

The walls of this settlement are adorned with “Red Star” graffiti, support to the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija and Montenegro, as well as with the characters of Serb heroes, Gavrilo Princip and General Ratko Mladić.


Source: SRNA


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