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Great success of the Banja Luka choirs at the competition in Bratislava


The Women’s and Mixed Choirs of SPD “Jedinstvo” from Banja Luka participated in the International Choir Competition in Bratislava, Slovakia, from June 13 to 16.

The choirs competed in three categories: spiritual and folklore music for mixed choirs, and a separate category for women’s choirs. Their programs included works by Stevan Mokranjac, Marko Tajčević, Vladimir Milosavljević, Nemanja Savić, Ernani Aguiar, and Romuald Twardowski.

The competition featured many high-quality choirs from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Republika Srpska, and Croatia.

At the “Bratislava 2024” festival, SPD “Jedinstvo” achieved remarkable success, winning three gold diplomas and first places, along with a special award for the winner in the folklore music category.

In addition to their competitive performances, the choirs held several showcase performances in Bratislava’s concert venues, garnering audience admiration and receiving highly positive, affirming critiques from attendees, including other choirs’ members and conductors. These concerts featured not only competition pieces but also “Aka si mi krasna” by renowned Slovak composer Eugen Suchoň and several works by Serbian composers.

On their return from Slovakia, SPD “Jedinstvo” visited Vienna, facilitated by Mladen Regoda, a long-time member of the Mixed Choir who has lived in Vienna for over 20 years. In St. Stephen’s Cathedral, they performed Stevan Mokranjac’s “Tebe pojem” for the visitors.

Soloists for these concerts and performances included sopranos Ana and Jana Jurić, Anja Lukić, and Darko Manić, bass. The Women’s and Mixed Choirs of SPD “Jedinstvo” Banja Luka were conducted by Nemanja Savić, who has led these choirs since their re-establishment in 1992.


PHOTO: SPD Jedinstvo

Source: seesrpska.com


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