The candidate for the head of Srebrenica Municipality, Mladen Grujicic, has pointed today to the threats made to the Serb observers and numerous irregularities at the polling stations in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ where the votes for Srebrenica in absentia were cast.
He emphasized at the press conference that the Serb observes were prevented from having access to the electoral process and entering the observed irregularities into the records, therefore he expects the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH to sanction these electoral boards and individuals who threatened.

“The observers were threatened with beatings and, at some polling stations, were not allowed to obtain information about the number of voters. The excess envelopes in relation to the number of voters that appeared at some of these polling stations, were destroyed or were offered to the observers to destroy them, which the observes did not accept,” explained Grujicic.

He has added that, thanks to illegalities, voting with other people’s personal documents and other manipulations, the 80 percent turnout was enabled at the polling stations in FBiH, where the votes for Srebrenica were cast, which is a much higher percentage than in other polling places in BiH.

“According to these polls, my opponent Camil Durakovic could get a maximum of 1,100 votes, but we heard him saying he would get about 1,500 votes from the voters who cast their votes in absentia. Thus, this is the way to put a pressure and strive to annul the elections at some polling stations in order to provide even greater engineering during repeated elections, which is unacceptable,” said Grujicic.

Observer Marinko Janjic says that he had received threats and suffered trauma at a polling station in Gracanica in the FBiH.

“At first I was not allowed to enter the polling place. Then I was threatened. A girl from the electoral board, who was unfamiliar with the fact that I was not a Bosniak, told me not to pay attention to what was going on and how the votes were cast and `to act the fool as she did, because nothing could be changed`” explains Janjic.

He says that a man openly asked him: “Is it worth getting beaten up after 19.00hrs over 25 votes”.

“I made peace with the fact that I would get beaten up, because the police did not appear although I had reported the case. Fortunately, when the poll closed, there was a scuffle between members of the SDA and SDP BiH, so I managed to escape without getting beaten up,” said Janjic citing numerous examples of manipulations at that polling station.

Source: Srna


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