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Handke in Banjaluka on Victory Day – May 9 next year


Foreign member of Republika Srpska Academy of Sciences and Arts /ANURS/ and 2019 Nobel Prize winner in Literature Peter Handke is due to visit Banjaluka on Victory Day – May 9 next year, ANURS President Rajko Kuzmanović announced yesterday.

A ceremony marking Victory Day will be held in Banjaluka, where Handke should address, together with representatives of the Academy, the Andrić Institute and Republika Srpska, it was decided today at the regular annual assembly of the Academy.

“This is how we would like to praise Handke, who has been ANURS member since 2008, before than SANU member. We maintain a strong relationship with Handke. He visited us in 2013, and we sent long letter over the news that he received the Nobel Prize and on the day of prize giving ceremony,” Kuzmanović told the press.

According to him, the Academy is proud to have Handke for a member.

“We have monitored the world’s respond to his prize winning. We believe there are significantly more those who support and pay full credit to Handke than the dissatisfied ones,” Kuzmanović concluded.

Kuzmanović pointed out that Performance Report for the past year was defined at today’s Assembly, as well as the 2020 Work Programme, while the Budget Report for the past year and the proposed 2020 Budget in the amount of BAM 1,500,000 were adopted.

“The bulk of the budget goes to the printing of the Republika Srpska Encyclopedia, then to salaries and awards for academics. Significant funds have been allocated for scientific research, book publishing and projects,” Kuzmanović added.

He stated that the Performance Report is very rich, since they have held about a hundred different meetings, conferences, scientific meetings, and published about 200 scientific papers about the academy, science and Republika Srpska.

“We executed the budget 100 percent, and the revision found that we were doing well without any comments,” Kuzmanović added.

Kuzmanović said that a commemorative session over the death of ANURS Vice-President Ljubomir Zuković, one of the founders of the Academy, was held within today’s Assembly.


Source: srna


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