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Handke is coming for the Nobel Prize: I Don’t Believe That Many Have Read My Works


The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Peter Handke is determined to receive this award at a ceremony which is ought to be held at the Swedish Royal Academy in Stockholm on the 10th December.

Handke confirmed yesterday that he is going to Stockholm tomorrow, where he will hold a press conference at the Swedish Royal Academy, according to a predetermined schedule of laureate addressing.

The prize will be awarded on Tuesday, the 10th December to all winners, the day of the death of the founder of this important recognition, Alfred Nobel.

From the moment it was announced that he had received this great recognition, the renowned writer dedicated himself to writing the talk, which he would hold next Tuesday.

Handke pointed out that the talk will be exclusively about literature that, through its ideology-free dramaticity, examines the reality.

“There are many people who like or dislike me, but I do not believe that many have read my works,” said Handke, who writes his speech by hand.

The Swedish Royal Academy has confirmed these days that this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature is in the right hands and criticism will not change anything in the program, according to “Novosti”.




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