Happy Orthodox New Year!


    The Serbian, Russian, Georgian Orthodox Church, Holy Mountain and the Jerusalem Patriarchate, who respect the Julian calendar, celebrated the New Year.

    Republic of  Srpska officials congratulated the Orthodox New Year to all citizens.

    New Year’s Eve, according to the Julian calendar, was organized throughout the cities of the Republic of Srpska. A prayer service was served at Orthodox temples in Banja Luka. The “Veselin Masleša” Folk Dance and Song Ensemble, the City Tamburitza Orchestra and the “Iskon” Ethno Group performed at the port of the Temple of Christ the Savior. A large number of Banja Luka celebrated the entry into the Orthodox New Summer in a home atmosphere.

    In the Prijedor region, the Orthodox New Year celebration was organized only in Novi Grad. Traditionally, in Mladen Oljača Square, organized by the municipal administration, it was celebrated with wine and entertainment.

    The band “Galija” performed in Gradiška.

    It was also celebrated in the Doboj region. Doboj, Derventa, Teslić and Stanari organized an outdoor welcome. The concert of “Perica Jaćimović” orchestra was held in Doboj, followed by Tina Ivanović.

    Unlike the International New Year, when there was no organized reception in Istočno Sarajevo, the citizens were entertained by Sergej Ćetković at the Serbian Square in Istočno Novo Sarajevo. Darko Lazić and Nikolina Kovač performed on Jahorina.

    The event was also organized in Foča. Several hundred citizens of Foča celebrated at King Peter’s Square, with “Bohemian” from Užice, boiled wine and mountain tea.

    Fireworks and temple bells announce Little Christmas and the arrival of Orthodox 2020. A prayer was served at the Temple of the Savior for a successful and blessed New Year.

    And Trebinje has opted for an outdoor party. Trebinje and their guests were introduced into the New Year by Bane Mojićević.

    A reception was also organized at the City Square in Bijeljina. However, a large number of citizens welcomed at midnight in the family circle.

    In Brčko, a celebration was organized on the plateau of Peace Boulevard. The arrival of the New Year was marked by fireworks, and the organizer of the celebration was the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society of the Brčko Education.




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