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Konaković: Harmonize joint positions and resolve open issues


The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers, Elmedin Konaković, said yesterday that it is necessary to harmonize joint positions in BiH and resolve open issues for the benefit of the citizens, that he is ready for any type of dialogue, and announced visits to Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

After a meeting with Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik in Banjaluka, Konaković told reporters that the most important message of the meeting was that in the future he would have a practice of frequently communicating with Dodik, HDZ president Dragan Čović and other political actors in BiH in order to avoid the thesis that they collect cheap political points only through conflict.

He added that there are many open issues that need to be discussed, and that there are different views on some of them.

Konaković considers it important that by restoring trust in the political scene, the opportunity for the concept of implementing projects important for all citizens of BiH presents itself very quickly, while respecting the constitutional jurisdictions of both of the entities and Brčko District, as well as BiH.

He emphasized that foreign affairs are not a party or personal matter, but a matter of BiH’s relations with the countries of the region and the world.

“Regardless of the fact that we know that we do not have the same views on some issues, Russia and some others, there are many on which we have the same views. I want us to coordinate these activities,” Konaković said.


Source: srna.rs


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