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Harsh conditions on the B&H business market


In an article published on its Internet portal, the French daily Le Monde reflects on the economic developments in the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, citing the bright examples of entrepreneurs and companies that operate more than successfully in the more than harsh conditions on the B&H market.

Le Monde cited Posao.ba as an example of a company that has grown from a start up into a respectable company, which annually publishes more than 9,000 job ads.

However, the rate of unemployment overshadows the number of firms operating successfully. Namely, 44% and 60% of young people are unemployed while the economy registers an annual growth of 0.8%.

Furthermore, Bosnia and Herzegovina is 131st on the list of countries suitable for business, published by the World Bank in 2014, right between Bangladesh and Uganda, which does not make the situation easier.

Le Monde points out that another issue is the number of barriers to starting a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which can make the process from the registration to the official opening over a month long. The aforesaid process involves all levels of government, there are disproportionate political and administrative structures, and additional difficulties are created by many levels of government – state, entity, cantonal and municipal – and all this is topped with the discouraging increase in corruption.


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