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Hate Speech – Evidence that the Ustashi ideology lives


 President of the Association of the refugee associations of Serbs from Croatia, Milojko Budimir, has said that the failing of the Prosecutor’s Office of Croatia to respond to a radical and extreme hate speech directed against Serbs and Serb representatives in Croatia is terrible and only proves that the Ustasha ideology in Croatia is not defeated.
Commenting on the threats by Vladimir Horvatic, a doctor of the Vukovar Hospital, directed to Vojislav Stanimirovic, the president of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), and Milorad Pupovac, Budimir has said that it is a reflection of today’s Croatia that cherishes “tradition of Independent State of Croatia (NDH)” and its “position on the Serbs”.

“I keep saying that the Ustashi ideology in Croatia has not been defeated, but is present in the public and manifested in various forms,” said Budimir.

He stressed that Croatia would deny these allegations if the Prosecutor’s Office of Croatia responded to the recent Vukovar threats, and the threats that preceded the Vukovar ones.

“They passed the laws in line with European standards, which they fail to comply with. If it was a state governed by the rule of law, equally protecting the rights of all citizens, a prosecutor should have processed the hate speech cases. This is terrible,” said Budimir.

He has stressed that it is easy for him to give such fully realistic statements from distance, but that only Serbs living in Croatia without basic human rights know how it is.

“I do not know what else they need to do so that all Serbs disappear from Croatia. The most tragic is that all this is happening now, when Croatia is a member of the EU that should cherish values that EU supposedly has, but behaves like the worst fascists-Ustasha instead.” Budimir said.

He recalled that Stanimirovic was attacked before, what the Association has warned about, but the attacks culminated because the HDZ wants, at all costs, to “break” Stanimirovic and Pupovac and compel them to support this party for forming a government.

“Therefore, these attacks are directed towards Stanimirovic and Pupovac, because the HDZ sensed they would be coalition partners with the SDP. This is the essence, but the Ustasha methods should not be used,” concluded Budimir.

Vladimir Horvatic, a doctor of the Vukovar General Hospital, threatened the SDSS leader, Vojislav Stanimirovic, via his Facebook account, that he would “drink the blood of three Chetnik’s fingers and would not allow him to decide on terms of office in the Croatian Parliament”.

Source: SRNA


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