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He Had Everything, Now He’s Homeless – From Playing With the “King” to Batting on the Street (VIDEO)


To have and not to have – one of the hardest curses. But what happened to Delonte West is a special story.

From poverty to millions and back – not a rare story in professional sports.

However, Delonte West’s story is so incredible and sad.

Boston selected West in the 2004 draft, in the first round. He has played for Seattle, Cleveland and Dallas, and after eight seasons in the NBA, went to China.

He broke up with basketball in 2015 and little is known about his life since.

All he knows is that he has become homeless and has major mental problems.

He was found to have bipolar disorder, but he denied it, justifying his behavior with stress and current depression.

He was arrested in 2009 when he was stopped for a traffic offense. He had a gun behind his belt, another around his ankle, and a “pumper” in the guitar box.

Socially useful work, visits to a psychologist, parole … He went well, but it was already an indication that West was struggling with big problems.

Now he seemed to be touching the bottom. A social media rang of footage of Delonte West, beaten on the street and then taken into custody.

Numerous basketball fans, after watching the clip, have asked the NBA league to get involved and somehow help a man who spent nearly a decade in the strongest basketball league.

A man who made $ 16.5 million from basketball and ended up on the street.


Source: RTS



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