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Health Insurance Cards Still Do Not Need to Be Verified


The citizens of the Republic of Srpska do not have to certify their health books as long as the emergency situation is in force, and the Health Insurance Fund is financing health care services for the uninsured in this period as well.

“Therefore, the decision on the temporary measure of the HIF, which was made in March, is still being applied, according to which uninsured citizens are provided with health care services in public health institutions at the expense of the HIF, ie the Government of Srpska,” the statement from of this fund.

The HIF points out that, thanks to this measure of the Fund and the Government of RS, the citizens of RS in the period of the pandemic are at least relieved of worries about the costs of treatment, which is not the case in other countries, both in the region and in the world.

“In this way, the Republic of Srpska once again shows that it is socially responsible and that caring for citizens comes first,” the HIF states.

It is emphasized that the HIF has again informed all health care institutions that they should not ask for certified booklets from the insured, with the intention of avoiding the creation of crowds in the offices and thus preventing the spread of the coronavirus in the community.

“Although the HIF has continuously informed the citizens about this, the HIF states, it still happens that the insured come to the Fund’s branches only to certify the booklets, and on this occasion, we once again appeal to the insured not to certify the booklets as long as the emergency “, They point out in the announcement.

The HIF notes that the fact that the booklets are not certified and that the Fund finances health care for uninsured citizens, does not mean that taxpayers should not fulfill their legal obligations, such as the payment of health insurance contributions.




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