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“Hedgehog House” for seven decades a second home for children


The oldest town kindergarten “Hedgehog House” was founded in 1949 with the aim of leaving the Tobacco Factory workers to their toddlers, but since then it has been the second warm home for generations of children from all parts of the city. And so for seven decades.

Jelena Kurtinovic, director of the Center for Preschool Education, emphasized that she is proud of her colleagues who put a lot of love and effort into working with 48 boys and girls who stay in the Hedgehog’s house every day.

– We wanted to welcome our representative kindergarten to its 70th birthday in a new way, which we managed to do thanks to the City Administration, which together with UNDP invested the funds for renovation. Thermal insulation and replacement of the roof, exterior joinery and facade cladding were done – said Kurtinović.

She emphasized that within the courtyard that adorns the “Hedgehog’s House” there is an object that was destroyed.

– Project documentation is currently being drafted, and the plan is to create space for two educational groups with all accompanying premises to expand the capacity. Then another 48 toddlers would find a warm corner here filled with love. The new Ježurko would accommodate 18 children in a crèche group and 30 in a mixed group – said Kurtinović.

She emphasized that the rehabilitation of “Kolibrija” is in progress, and that Kulani and Ada should soon receive new kindergartens, which would provide 700 new places for the youngest.

– The impact of pre-school education is immeasurable. It is a great pleasure to see that we, along with our parents, have set the child on the right path. They are the purest, they have all the positive qualities and nobility, and we are here to maintain and improve these skills – said Kurtinovic.

That the love is necessary for working with the youngest “Voice of Srpska” was confirmed by the headteacher of the kindergarten “Hedgehog” Dajana Aleksic.

– We are proud to work in the oldest kindergarten in Banja Luka. We try to teach our little friends new knowledge, and the work is better and better after the facility has been renovated. We are much warmer and the children are happier and happier – said Aleksic.

The solemn academy, which will be held at the Bansko Palace on Friday starting at 6 pm, toddlers and educators of the “Hedgehog” will mark their 70th birthday and celebrate the baptismal glory of St. Nicholas.

– Events are an opportunity for our toddlers to show everything that their educators have taught them. It will be presented with folklore, songs and dramatic performances – said Kurtinovic.




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