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Herzegovina has the potential for development


The EU will continue to assist in the implementation of certain projects in Trebinje because the local community and the entire region have the potential for development, said the EU Special Representative Peter Sorensen .

“The energy sector, agriculture and tourism and the proximity between Montenegro and Croatia, both tourism magnets, are potentials Trebinje can take advantage of”, said Sorensen after a meeting with the mayor of Trebinje, Slavko Vucurevic.

Summing up the projects funded by the EU, Sorensen said he is happy with the results of these investments, noting that 15 days days ago a new project began in Trebinje which will make navigation in the area easier for tourists.

A very important factor for the development of the entire region of Trebinje is its cooperation with Dubrovnik said Sorensen, noting that in recent years noticeable progress has been made in this direction.

Sorensen and ambassadors from several countries visited the District Court in Trebinje and the Regulatory Commission for Electricity in Srpska, both supported by EU investments.


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