Home Social Highest salary in B&H is 7,400 BAM

Highest salary in B&H is 7,400 BAM


According to the analysis of the employment market portal posao.ba, in 2013, the ten most sought after jobs were: business administrator, programmer, salesperson, administrative employee, credit manager, loan officer, accountant, waiter, graphic designer and pharmacist.

According to posao.ba, in 2013 employers most often sought work experience, university graduates and employees for full-time employment (44,59 percent). The highest salary of the ten occupations listed were the salaries of directors, with a maximum of 7,400 BAM and programmers with 2,700 BAM. The least paid, which is found among the ten most sought after professions were salespersons, with a minimum salary of 340 BAM and 350 BAM for waiter/waitress.


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