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Highly likely Council of Ministers will be elected on December 23


Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija stated Wednesday in Sarajevo that if the State Investigation and Protection Agency /SIPA/ of BiH finishes the vetting of all candidates for members of the Council of Ministers within the next couple of days, it is highly likely that the new Council of Ministers will be appointed by the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly on December 23.

After a meeting with the leader of the Union for a Better Future of BiH Fahrudin Radončić, Tegeltija told the press he had sent the names of nine candidates for vetting.

“All political options making up the majority in the Council of Ministers have submitted the exact number of names that are foreseen by the mutual agreement,” said Tegeltija.

According to him, three proposals arrived from the ranks of Bosniaks and three from the Croats.

“From the ranks of Serbs, two ministers were proposed and both candidates were evaluated positively. The DNS was authorised to propose one candidate from the ranks of others, but unfortunately that party sent two proposals, one from the party and the other from a DNS member of the House of Representatives /Nenad Nešić/,” explained Tegeltija.

He says that everything that was up to him and other political parties making up the majority in Republika Srpska was done so that the DNS would have a uniform stance, and adds that he organised a meeting of representatives of the party and MP Nešić, but that they did not reach an agreement.

“It was our stance that we could not afford to lose support of member Nešić in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly because he said he would not vote in favour of /DNS candidate Draško/ Aćimović and I suggested Mlađen Božović for minister of refugees and displaced persons,” said Tegeltija.

He points out that the selection of Council of Ministers members is very transparent.

“If Božović does not receive support, he may not be a candidate for minister,” said Tegeltija.

He stated that he had discussed the same matter with Radončić on Wednesday, and with Democratic Front leader Željko Komšić previously, and that he was planning to discuss the same matter with SDA leaders too.

“People who are not vetted may not be candidates for minister,” reiterated the Council of Ministers Chairman.

Tegeltija added that Komšić had told him he would not condition the appointment of the minister for human rights and refugees, because his party had its own proposal and would not make decisions about candidates from the ranks of other peoples.

He voiced hope that the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament would endorse the Council of Ministers on December 23, but that it depended on vetting by SIPA.

According to him, the Central Election Commission had so far confirmed all 19 proposed candidates for ministers and deputy ministers and that SIPA had confirmed 11 people.

“If SIPA finishes its work within a day or two, it is highly likely that the new council of Ministers will be appointed by the BiH parliament on December 23,” said Tegeltija.


Source: srna


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