Home News Highway Banjaluka-Doboj: Subcontractors at a standstill

Highway Banjaluka-Doboj: Subcontractors at a standstill


Around 120 trucks subcontracted to build the highway Banjaluka – Doboj were at a standstill yesterday because the representatives of the transporters are unhappy with the economic justification of labor, said President of the Association of Transporters for Domestic and International Transportation, Nikola Grbic .

Grbic, after a meeting between representatives of the Center for Public Security Banjaluka , transporters, representatives of the municipality Prnjavor and locals who live in the area of construction, said that a series of irregularities were discussed, as well as the problem of overloading trucks by as much as 20 tons.

He said that transporters will continue to work on the highway but only within guidelines set by the law, adding that subcontractors are expecting talks with the representatives of the Macedonian firm „Granit“ and a solution to this situation.



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