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Hill: False stories are an insult to citizens who are seeking progress


“The past few days have been an important moment in BiH. We have seen and heard a strong message from citizens of BiH to their leaders. It is time for government leaders to wake up, to listen to citizens’ very legitimate calls for reform, and to change course. In the coming days, we expect BiH leaders to ensure the peace while they look for answers to the real problems facing their citizens”, writes Nicholas Hill, Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in his personal blog.

Hill added that citizens have a reason to be frustrated and that they are desperate for change.

“Seeing public buildings go up in smoke, and clashes between protesters and police, Friday evening, was unsettling for people who have lived through a violent past. We have condemned the violence as have the vast majority of protesters. Like other protest movements, this past week has come with many questions, many concerns, and much uncertainty. What is clear and shameful are attempts by political leaders in both entities to misuse the legitimate right of people to protest, to stir up fears and ethnic tensions.”

Hill goes on to call certain media reports that referred to the protests as an effort to pit ethnic groups against each other as rubbish, adding that reports on protesters being trained abroad and being armed by the international community are ridiculous.

“These false narratives are an insult to citizens who are trying hard to move this country forward despite the roadblocks imposed by an out of touch political elite”, said Hill adding that both the citizens and the US want B&H to function.


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