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Historical feat of Tvrdos Monestory winery


Having won one gold and two bronze medals, the Tvrdos Monastery winery has achieved a historical feat at this year’s wine competition in London which is staged every May by the most prestigious and most prominent wine magazine in the world, Decanter.

Rezultat slika za manastir tvrdos vina

The monastery’s Velika Rezerva wine brand won the gold medal in the competition of more than 16,900 wines from around the world.

“This award is the greatest success so far for all wines and wineries from Republika Srpska and also the only gold medal for all wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina that participated in this year’s Decanter competition, which makes our success even bigger,” the Tvrdos Monastery winery said.

This incredible global triumph at the tough and demanding Decanter wine competition is just another confirmation of continuing supreme quality of wines produced by the Tvrdos Monaster, placing the winery among the region’s most successful and well-known.

Srodna slika




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