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Homeless People got new Accommodation in Banjaluka


Homeless people in Banjaluka will have new modern accommodation within the Gerontological Center Banjaluka from the month of September. Construction works on the object that occupies 220 square meters have already started, and the center bore all the costs thanks to savings.

According to director of this institution, Vinko Lolic, the construction project of this object was signed between the Gerontological Center and the Center for Social Work of Banjaluka in 2005, and employees are very proud for being able to save the money in the past years and invest it in a place for people in need.

“War and transition led to the fact that many people became poor, left without roof over their heads and they became homeless. They find shelter here in difficult weather conditions and it saves their lives. It was an old object that will now be transformed into a modern object, which will be in accordance with world standards,” said Lolic.

According to contractor, the object will be completed by mid-September. It will include four double–bed modern rooms with bathroom, living room, kitchen and everything required for the normal life of the people who will be staying there.

“It is primarily intended for people from BiH, but homeless people from Croatia, Serbia and other countries often come as well. Everyone is welcomed and our doors are open to everyone in need,” said Lolic.

A total of 10 homeless people stayed in this center since the beginning of this year, and the greatest need for their accommodation is present during cold winter days.




Source: sarajevotimes


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