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Hospital In Istocno Sarajevo Will Be Completed Within A Year And A Half


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said this evening that a new hospital in Istocno Sarajevo should be built in a record time of a year and a half. “KM 50 million will be allocated for building a hospital in Istocno Sarajevo. A contractor should complete the job within a year a half, and the construction should start in the summer,” Dodik said this evening at a forum in Sokolac called “the word of the president.”Dodik reminded of the government’s investments in Sokolac in the amount of several million of KM, and of constant investments in the area of Istocno Sarajevo.

“More than KM 100 million has been invested so far in the area of Istocno Sarajevo, particularly in the lower area of the city,” and the investments include “the construction of tunnels and schools,” Dodik said.

Noting that it is a fact that unemployment is a problem, Dodik said that the government is working on an accelerated economic development and that new production facilities in Dubica, Srbac, Knezevo and Nevesinje are being built.

“Our economy did not achieve great results, but however, domestic product rose by almost 100% since Srpska has been created. The Stanari thermal power plant has been completed and Republika Srpska has secured lasting energy stability and the cheapest electricity in the region,” Dodik said.

According to him, damages from catastrophic floods in the amount of KM 2.1 billion have mostly been repaired.

“Wages and pensions are the priority of the current government. Incentives are now a problem since Republika Srpska’s obligations, such as reparations and the settlement of debts, have increased,” Dodik said.

He said that the cooperation between the Republika Srpska and Serbian Governments has never been better and that the cooperation with Russia, which is providing significant investments, is successful.

“Republika Srpska is one of the most important factors of the anti-terrorist coalition in the region, and the Republika Srpska police force is also the strongest in the region,” Dodik said and added that there are plans to create a reserve police force.

Dodik said that there are 111 organisations in Srpska that can be linked to actions of radical Islam.

“There are 5,000 people in BiH who are a potential danger, of whom 500 were in Syria and 150 returned to Syria,” Dodik said regarding the internal terrorist threat.

He said that the Republika Srpska authorities will oppose the strengthening of BiH bodies which are directed against Republika Srpska and which are weakening it, in which parties of the Alliance for Change which are at the government at the BiH level are also taking part.

Dodik said that the politics of the current Republika Srpska government is not the politics of accession to NATO, adding that people should decide on such a major issue in a referendum.

Source: SRNA


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